B Security and Certificates

As a Java applet, B is subject to security restrictions when running in a browser. To read and write files, B needs access to the local filesystem. Such actions can be performed if the applet is signed and is accompanied by a certificate or, in the case of Internet Explorer, if the site which produces the applet is considered trusted.

Note: the stand-alone version of B does not need a security certificate.


Certificates normally need only be installed once for Netscape Navigator / Communicator. However, these are special netscape certificates that expire after three months. If, after a few months, you find that your certificate has expired, download a new one by clicking below. As of this date, the current certificate is due to expire March 6, 2001.

To be able to open and save B files using Netscape Communicator, click here to import the B Netscape Object-Signing Certificate. You should see a netscape window appear - follow the directions or to see how to set up the certificate, click here. If you see something that looks like this:

that means the certificate has not been exported properly - either the webserver on this end has not served up the file correctly or you're behind a firewall. Please send an email if this is broken.

It is not necessary to import a certificate to run B. Only if you wish to open and save files do you need a certificate.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, if a site is considered trusted you may specify the security level yourself.

To be able to open and save B files using Microsoft Internet Explorer, click here to see how to set up your browser.

Installing a certificate for Netscape Navigator

When you click to import the certificate, you should see the following screen:

Click on "Next>" to bring up this window.

Click on "Next>" to learn about the certificate.

Click on "More info..."

Click on "OK" and "Next>" to get the following window:

Put a check in the "Accept" checkbox and click on "Next>".

The B Certificate will not try to validate any other software other than B.

However, you may check this box to make sure that no other program runs under this

certificate without your permission. Finally, give the certificate a name ( below ).

If you are currently running B, you must exit and restart your browser before you

will be able to save files using the certificate.

Setting up Internet Explorer for B

To set up internet explorer for B, click on the Tools pulldown menu from the Menu Bar

and click on Internet Options... ( below ).

Next, click on the Security tab ( below ), and then click on Sites...

Then add www.scripps.edu to the Trusted sites zone ( below ) and click on Add. Click on OK.

Now, click on Custom Level ( below ).

This brings up a dialog box which has numerous settings. Scroll down to the Java setting

and under Java pemissions, select Custom ( below ). After you select Custom, click the

Java Custom Settings button.

Select the Edit Permissions tab and, under Unsigned Content, check Run in sandbox.

Next, under Additional Unsigned Permissions, enable Access to all Files, Dialogs, Printing,

and User Selected File Access. Click on OK.

Click on Yes when the security dialog appears and click on OKs to close the Internet Options dialog.