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Attention: The program Biomer has been renamed to B to (hopefully) avoid any copyright/trademark issues.

What is B?

B is a Java-based, on-line biomolecular modeling package. It should be useful in generating initial structures of biopolymers and small organic molecules. Simple force-field energy minimizations can be carried out in addition to simulated annealing with molecular dynamics.

Since it is written in Java, all calculations are carried out on your own computer so its performance will depend not only on the speed of your computer, but also on the implementation of the Java Virtual Machine in your browser. It is written using the Java 1.0 and Java 1.1 APIs and is meant to be compatible with the older browsers, but it will run best on the latest version of your browser.

Features (v 1.0alpha)

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Please send me a note : nwhite@scripps.edu