Group Overview

Current group members

August 20, 2015

  1. David Case,, tries to keep up.

  2. Dave Cerutti,, Assistant Research Professor in the Laboratory for Biomolecular Simulation Research. Working on PME optimization, force field development, and crystal simulations.

  3. George Giambasu,, post-doc (joint with Darrin York), working on conformational transitions in small RNA molecules.

  4. He Chen,, Chemistry graduate student, working on electronic structure models for the water-oxidation site in Photosystem II.

  5. Jonathon Gray,, graduate student, working on solvent distributions around proteins and simulations of HIV reverse transcriptase.

  6. Scott Brozell,, programmer, works on optimization and incorporation of new algorithms into Dock and Amber. Scott also works as a programmer on the Columbus quantum chemistry package.

  7. Shashi Rao,, senior scientist, working on solvent distributions around proteins and docking studies relevant to computational drug discovery.

    Some former group members are listed on the next page.

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