The rnamotif program [1] searches a database for RNA sequences that match a "motif" describing secondary structure interactions. A match means that the given sequence is capable of adopting the given secondary structure, but is not intended to be predictive. Matches can be ranked by applying scoring rules that may provide finer distinctions than just matching to a profile. The rnamotif program is a (significant) extension of earlier programs rnamot and rnabob [2-4]. The nearest-neighbor energies used in the scoring section are based on refs. [5] and [6]. An example of applying the code to finding tRNA genes is given in Ref. [7]. The code was written by Tom Macke; Tom Macke and Dave Case wrote the Users' manual.

The Users' Manual (pdf format) is available here; it is also contained in the github repository referenced below.

Literature references

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We thank Dave Ecker and Ranga Sampath for encouragement, and ISIS Pharmaceuticals for financial support; Robin Gutell and Daniel Gautheret for suggestions; Vickie Tsui for serving as a beta tester, and for many helpful comments and suggestions.

How to obtain RNAMotif

Version 3.1.1 (May, 2015) is available here:


RNAMotif is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). See the README and COPYING.GNU files in the distribution for details. See the "revision.history" file for information on what has been changed with recent releases.

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