Rutgers Molecular Simulation Interest Group

This is just an initial place to distribute some information about groups at Rutgers-New Brunswick that are carrying out molecular simulations. It's not really an "interest group" (yet!), but we hope we can get some things organized soon.

Some group web-pages

Name Department Description website
David Case Chemistry and BioMaPS biomolecular simulations; some work on ionic liquids and surfactants
Darrin York Chemistry and BioMaPS structures of nucleic acids molecular mechanisms of RNA catalyis
Ron Levy Chemistry and BioMaPS structure, function, folding and dynamics of proteins in solution
Sagar Khare Chemistry protein design, Rosetta analysis
Wilma Olson Chemistry and BioMaPS structural analysis of DNA, histone and chromatin structure
Meenakshi Dutt Chemical and Biochemical Engineering particle technology, multifunctional biohybrid materials and nano-particle - cell membrane interactions
Shantenu Jha Electrical and Computer Engineering loosely coupled and replica exchange simulations
William Welsh Pharmacology drug discovery, computer-aided molecular design
Vik Nanda CABM protein design

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